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OptMed’s product pipeline leverages our proprietary Methylidene Malonate chemistry to develop, and design tailored medical soft tissue adhesives for applications outside and inside the body.  Working closely with our expert medical advisors, OptMed is developing a range of disruptive products which address critical surgical unmet needs.

OptMed has dedicated its efforts to address multiple clinical areas which are in need of innovative products that tackle the unmet clinical needs of clinicians and patients alike.  Those areas are:

Skin protectants for intact and damaged skin

Compromised intact skin needs topical protection to reduce skin irritation, degradation, and/or continued skin breakdown, which could lead to a more serious medical situation.  These include areas of the body prone to sheer and or friction and prolonged exposure to urine, wound fluids, and or feces. 


Skin Tear

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Tissue adhesives for the topical approximation of skin

Surgical and or traumatic wounds in which skin is closed with sutures or staples.   These wounds include acute external surgical incisions, traumatic wounds, and lacerations.


Application of SpectrumEX to close surgical incision on pig model.

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Tissue adhesives for the management of open chronic and acute wounds

Wounds which remain open for the body to close by secondary intent or through re-epithelialization.  These wounds include chronic wounds (diabetic foot, venous leg, arterial and pressure ulcers) and surgical wounds left open to heal (burns, donor sites, Mohs surgery, staged surgical procedures, skin grafting, biopsies, etc.).


Closing of open wound with OptMed's Methylidene Malonate adhesive on ex-vivo human skin.

Tissue adhesives for the closure of internal wounds and air leaks

Surgical and/or traumatic wounds inside the body. These wounds require either an adhesive and/or a sealant to complete the procedure. They include, but are not limited to, internal incisions and subcutaneous layers, incisions, dissections, resections, dural repair and closing of dead space. Sealing of vessels, bowel, lung, bladder, seroma, hematoma, etc.


Pressure test of perforated porcine lung treated with OptMed's Methylidene Malonate adhesive.

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