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OptMed’s BlauProtect skin protectant line is CE Marked and approved for commercial distribution in the European Union only.

BlauProtect® Sponge is OptMed's unique Methylidene Malonate polymer applied to a sponge applicator stick for precise delivery to any target location on external skin. Once the polymer is applied to the skin surface, the suspension fluid will vapor off, leaving a protective barrier film on the target location.

BlauProtect® Spray is OptMed's novel Methylidene Malonate polymer in sprayable liquid form.  The spray pump bottle allows quick, easy, and controllable polymer distribution on intact or compromised skin.

BlauProtect® (Adhesive) is designed for areas that may require a thicker, more durable film to protect compromised areas of skin that may be exposed to friction, shear forces, or skin tears.

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